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October 14, 2008


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Let's not forget that Johnny McCain has not only attended acorn events, but has been keynote speaker!

Further, the McCain campaign (ok, it was really the RNP) has been involved in voter scandals of their own.

George Dienhart

McCain has never worked as closely with ACORN as Obama has. He attended a rally in 2006. Obama worked for them. More importaintly, they are working for him. In Ohio, they caught one of the ACORN fraud registrants. They are attempting to vote...

Shagata Ganai

Are you out of your effing mind?

First of all, who is "Barry"?

Second, since when is registering new voters "corruption"?

And thirdly, where was the conplainant when thousands of Democrats were disenfranchised in Florida in 2000 and 2004? Jeb Bush and Kathleen Harris were your heroes then, but when there's no one in place to "fix" the game, those on the "right" start howling.

Grow the Hell up. And try to educate yourself about the real world (not the "pure" one you want).

Maybe then you'll be taken seriously.


If you are a Democrat who does not know who Barry is,then you need to read up on your presidential nominee instead of cussing out people on a blog....

George Dienhart


Barry is the nickname Obama used in high school.

Thousands of Democrats were not disenfranchised in Florida- that has been researched to death. When liberal newspapers did an independant investigation of the results, they found that President Bush should have won by a larger margin.

You need to "grow up"- and learn to read... Perhaps then, you'll have a clue about the "real world" and will then stop spewing inacurate, 8 year old talking points

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