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October 13, 2008


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Roe vs Wade became law while Nixon was President. Ford, Reagan, and Bush I and II were all anti-abortion Republicans. Republicans have controlled the Congress for most of that time. We have a conservative Supreme Court. What difference do you think a McCain presidency will make?

George Dienhart


The supreme court is not a conservative court. If it was Roe would have been overturned and the issue of abortion would reside with the indivdual states- where it belongs.

Psych Doc

Kevin, Roe v Wade is NOT a law. It was a Supreme Court ruling and a bad one at that. Only our legislators can make laws; not our courts. Drives me crazy when people do not understand the balance of powers in the Constitution. Or, understand, for that matter, that the Courts are usurping the powers of the people to make the laws through their elected officials or through their own vote. FOCA is most dangerous because it would turn Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton into a federal law and take more power away from the state. Regarding Republicans versus Democrats--Democrats have always been more pro-death than Republicans have been pro-life. That's why I'm an Independent and I vote my Christian, biblical values.

Nathan Franz

Why should a medical practice be up to the state level?

Giving people the right to choose abortion isn't taking the power away from anyone, it's giving people the power of choice. If you don't like abortion you don't have to do it, no one is forcing you to abort your babies so quit acting like they are.

George Dienhart

No one is acting like we are being forced to have abortions- your reply shows a complete lack of understanding on the issue. BTW, who should have a choice over whether you live of die? I know the baby doesnt have a say in an abortion...

Nathan Franz

You're giving the right to the person carrying the baby whether or not it gets past the goo stage. The real meat of Roe v Wade isn't 100% abortion, it's about patient rights and I would rather that be mandated by the fed then the local governments.

Leaving the choice to the state doesn't eliminate the issue. People will either go across state lines to get it done or do it in shadier ways.

George Dienhart

Goo stage? Just curious- at what point it is a person we are talking about?

Psych Doc

Yeah! At what point, Nathan, did you become a person? At birth? Why would you have more personhood at birth? Peter Singer thinks that parents should be able to kill their babies up to 6 months of age. Is that all right with you? If not, why not? Because a baby is a human being? Then, if the conceptus is a human being (and we have SCIENTIFIC evidence that it is) then why should anyone be able to kill it as a matter of convenience? I believe that I became a person at conception. And I will remain a person until my natural death.
You know, it's amazing how the generation that brought us "free sex" (an oxymoron, if I ever heard one)and birth control, and infidelity, and abortion will be the first in line to be euthanized in their old age because of the disrespect for human life caused by the very things that they advocated.


I totally agree. The media and so many people are focused way too much on the economy and not enough on real serious issues like abortion and euthenasia and peace within the family. I agree who cares if gasoline is 4 bucks a gallon if countless children die. Our priorities are all mixed up.

George Dienhart

Thanks Matt.

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